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Welcome to my shop!

This is a story of a long time dream that has come true... Once upon a time I was running a nursery school and it all started when I wanted to stage a kids play.. When it came to finding the costumes I wanted, it was merely impossible so I decided to make them myself with the help of my mother. It was a big fun and I really enjoyed creating and making them. It was right then that I began to dream of opening my business and creating my own brand in fancy princess outfits for girls only because I have always loved to dress up the little girls the way in the fairy tales :) Some years later, with the support and help of my husband and my mother, I have transformed the downstairs of my house to a workshop to create Pan Costume. What I wanted to make was not just costumes for a show but fulfilling the dreams of children. They became a big success and received very good feedback and in the end I had to enlarge my workshop and moved from the small town to the city. My little son Tibet was just born and started growing up in my workshop then, and at that stage my husband did a very big sacrifice, he suspended his own job to look after our children while I was busy with my costumes. Later on my cousin Hatice joined my team. She encouraged me to sell my products abroad and helped me open my Etsy shop. In order to give better and faster service to our customers, we decided to open our company in New Jersey so it would be more convenient to manage our overseas marketing. We are now making our products in our atelier in Çanakkale, Turkey and marketing them through our company founded in New Jersey in November 2019. Hatice is helping me in many ways from customer satisfaction oriented marketing to quality control. So as the Pan Costume family we all devote ourselves to do our parts.

We are now primarily making handmade fancy princess costumes, bridesmaid gowns and tutu model dresses created and designed by ourselves for themed birthday parties, balls, school parties, cosplay parties, pageants, baptism, christening, first holy communion, graduation ceremonies, proms, Halloween, Christmas, holidays and many other special occasions and photo shooting; inspired by the children`s favorite fairy tale and animation characters, as well as our own unique models.

In addition, we provide custom solutions for our customers in short times.

My creations for toddlers and little girls became a big success worldwide and eventually I decided to create for the adults too. I opened my second Etsy shop where I sell my couture mom and daughter matching dresses, wedding gowns, flower girl and bridesmaid dresses matching with the bridal dress, evening gowns and prom dresses under a new brand name Fleur de Lis: />
All our products are handmade, using the highest quality non-allergic materials and lined with satin to prevent itchiness and irritation in sensitive skins. 

Apart from the unique children's models created with its own style and imagination, Pan Costume also proves its difference with fast processing time and speedy delivery.